Written on October 18, 2000.

A 6-dimensional magic cube: I generated this magic cube from one of the magic polyhedron (circle) I have created in the previous page. In fact, each magic circle can be converted into a magic cube like this one. The other magic cubes are under construction.

This 6-dimensional magic cube has the following properties:

1. There are 4 layers of cubes, and each cube has 8 numbers on each corner of it. The total of these 8 numbers equals 138.

2. There are 4 diagonals, and each diagonal can pass through all 4 layers of cubes. Each diagonal has 8 numbers on it. The total of these 8 numbers equals 138.

3. The outer cube consists of 6 sides. For each side, if we bisect the cube diagonally, we can obtain 2 planes, and each plane consists of 16 numbers. The total of these 16 numbers equals 138 x 2 = 276.

4. If we bisect the magic cube from each line of the outer cube to the opposite line of the cube, i.e. sideway diagonally, we can obtain a plane containing 16 numbers. The total of these 16 numbers equals 138 x 2 = 276.

This magic cube is 6-dimensional because of the following reasons:

1. The innermost cube is 3-dimensional, similar to what we live in our world.

2. The second layer is the 4th dimension, similar to our time, i.e. the dimension of time. Please pay more attention to this dimension. This dimension itself is also 3-dimensional. In another words, time is 3-dimensional. We are confined to the time that is moving forward continuously, and we cannot move backward to yesterday or any moment earlier than present. God, however, is in control of time. He can move freely forward or backward in time. At certain point in time or at certain fixed cube in time, God can move freely in our 3-dimensional world, similar to the innermost cube. That is why He can listen, at the same time, to our prayers which come from all over the world. Please note that all the layers in this 6-dimensional magic cube is interrelated. We can view each layer as a sphere. For the time sphere, God can freely move on it, and He is in total control of the time sphere. He describes himself in Revelation 1:8--"I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the almighty." Alpha which is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, means beginning, and Omega which is the last letter of the Greek alphabet means end.

3. The third layer is the 5th dimension. This dimension itself is 4-dimensional, covering the 2 layers beneath.

4. The fourth layer or the outermost layer is the 6th dimension. This dimension itself is 5-dimensional, covering the 3 layers beneath.


P.S. In scientific research, a theory called the string theory depicts that the universe began with ten dimensions.


Written on April 19, 2009.

By the same token, we can draw a circle and a dot in one continuous pencil movement on a piece of paper. This circle and the dot are separately located, not connected. How? Please think for a moment before you click for the answer.

That means a puzzle which cannot be solved on a 2-dimensional plane, can be solved in a 3-dimensional environment.


Written on October 15, 2002.

I created the following magic circle which is a counterpart of Fai Young's magic circle. This magic circle can also be converted to a magic polyhedron and a 6-dimensional magic cube.

The sum of all the numbers (except the central number 25) on every straight line or circle is 134.

It can be converted to



For the magic polyhedron, the sum of all the numbers on every octagon (from each side, top, bottom, bisectional octagon as viewed above) is always 134.

For the 6-dimensional magic cube, the sum of all the numbers on every cube or every diagonal is 134, and the sum on every bisectional plane is 134 x 2 = 268.



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